Camiguin Map With Tourist Spots: What Is Camiguin Known For?

Mantigue Island Camiguin
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Planning a trip can sometimes feel like solving a big puzzle. You need to figure out where to go, what to see, and how to get there. If you’re eyeing Camiguin Island as your next adventure spot, you might wonder, “What’s all the fuss about?” Well, here’s something cool: Camiguin is not just another island; it’s known as the ‘Island Born of Fire’ due to its volcanic origins! This place packs beaches, waterfalls, and hot springs into one stunning package.

Camiguin Map With Tourist Spots

Camiguin m Map with Tourist Spots

This blog post will guide you through Camiguin Island’s must-visit locations. From soaking in Ardent Hot Springs to marveling at the views from Mt. Hibok-Hibok and kicking back on White Island – we’ve got it all mapped out for you.

Ready for an adventure? Keep reading!

An Overview

  • Camiguin is an island known as the “Island Born of Fire” because it has seven volcanoes. This history created unique spots like Ardent Hot Springs and White Island.
  • You can get to Camiguin by air from Cebu, or via sea from Bohol and mix land+sea travel from Siargao. The best time to visit is April to July for good weather.
  • There are lots of places to stay in Camiguin, especially in Mambajao and Yumbing. Visitors can easily move around the island by renting scooters or hiring tricycles with drivers.
  • Tourist spots include White Island, Ardent Hot Springs, Katibawasan Falls, and more. Each location offers a unique experience from snorkeling at Sunken Cemetery to exploring old Spanish church ruins.
  • Extra attractions like Mantigue Island and Soda Water Pool add more adventures for visitors. Plus, Chan Lookout Point gives stunning views of the island’s natural beauty.

Overview of Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island is a lush, verdant gem tucked away in the Bohol Sea, just 10 kilometers from the buzz of Mindanao’s northern coast. Known affectionately as the “Island Born of Fire,” its rugged landscape has been sculpted by seven volcanoes.

This includes Mount Hibok-Hibok, an active giant that watches over the island like a guardian. Its fiery history has created not only breathtaking scenery but also fertile grounds that burst with tropical life.

The real magic of Camiguin lies in its ability to offer something for everyone – whether you’re here to marvel at powerful cascades such as Katibawasan Falls or soak in the soothing waters of Ardent Hot Springs.

Perhaps it’s the thrill of snorkeling above the mysterious Sunken Cemetery that calls you, or simply wandering among old Spanish church remains; this island doesn’t shy away from showcasing its rich tapestry woven from nature and history alike.

All these features make Camiguin a treasure chest waiting to be opened by curious travelers seeking unparalleled experiences amidst unspoiled landscapes.

How to Get to Camiguin Island


Heading to Camiguin Island is like starting an adventure. You can fly, sail, or mix land and sea travel from places like Cebu, Bohol, and Siargao.

Via Air from Cebu

Flying from Cebu to Camiguin is quick and easy. You hop on a plane in Cebu, sit back, and before you know it, you’re landing in Camiguin. This trip is perfect for those who want to skip the long sea journeys.

Sure, taking a ferry might be cheaper but think about the time you save! And let’s face it – looking out of an airplane window at the clouds and islands below is pretty cool.

Once you land, the adventure in Camiguin starts right away. Grab your bags – don’t forget any luggage – and get ready to explore. Air travel makes everything seem so simple. It’s like one minute you’re eating pizza in Cebu; next thing you know, White Island’s sandy shores are at your feet.

So yeah, flying might cost a bit more, but the views and speed? Totally worth it.

Via Sea from Bohol

Taking a boat from Bohol to Camiguin is quite the adventure. You’ll start in Bohol, hop on a ferry, and cruise across the blue waters of the Bohol Sea. The sea breeze and views of distant islands make this trip memorable.

Once you arrive in Camiguin, you’re just a step away from exploring an island full of volcanoes and natural wonders.

The journey isn’t too long but brings its own kind of excitement. Make sure you check the schedule for ferries as they can change based on the weather or season. This sea route connects two beautiful parts of the Philippines, making it easy for travelers to see more amazing spots without much hassle.

Bring your camera; you won’t want to miss capturing the beauty around!

Land+Sea from Siargao

Getting from Siargao to Camiguin is quite the adventure. It takes at least 12 hours, mixing both land travel and boat rides. You’ll start on a minibus or van, driving through Mindanao’s scenic views.

Then, you hop onto a ferry that cuts across the Bohol Sea. The journey feels long but think of it as part of the experience.

Once on the ferry, you can sit back and enjoy the sea breeze. Look out for other islands passing by; they’re beautiful! Make sure your camera is ready because you won’t want to miss these shots.

This trip isn’t just about moving from point A to B—it’s about seeing more of what makes the Philippines special.

Best Time to Visit Camiguin Island

April to July is the sweet spot for visiting Camiguin Island. The weather shines its best then, with little rain and lots of sun. It’s perfect for exploring White Island or taking a dip in Ardent Hot Springs without a care in the world.

From March through May, the island heats up but doesn’t let that stop your adventure. This period marks the driest months, making it ideal for hiking up Mt Hibok Hibok or strolling around old church ruins.

Pack light clothes and get ready to enjoy Camiguin at its brightest.

Where to Stay in Camiguin Island

Finding the perfect place to stay in Camiguin Island is easy with options in Mambajao and Yumbing. These spots offer a mix of lodgings from cozy guesthouses to beautiful beachfront resorts.

Mambajao, the main tourist town, has lots of places where you can relax after exploring all day. It’s close to yummy restaurants and cool shops too.

Yumbing is another great choice for visitors. It’s near popular attractions and lovely beaches. Here, you can find comfy stays that give you a front-row seat to island beauty each morning.

Both areas provide easy access to transport like scooters or tricycles so getting around is a breeze. Plus, they’re ideal bases for heading out on adventures across the island—from hiking up volcanoes to diving into clear blue waters.

Getting Around Camiguin Island

Moving around Camiguin Island is easy and fun. You can ride scooters or get a motorbike with a local driver to show you around.


Scooters are a big deal on Camiguin Island. You can rent one for just PHP 350-500 each day. It’s like your own ride to see everything up close and personal. You won’t find pedicabs here; scooters rule the roads.

Riding a scooter, you’ll feel the breeze and get around fast. This way, you catch all the cool spots without wasting time. Plus, it’s easy on the wallet! Get ready to zip through streets and discover hidden gems on your own two wheels.

Tricycle or Motorbike with driver

Getting around Camiguin Island is easy and fun with a motorized tricycle or a motorcycle with a guide. These rides are perfect for up to three people looking for adventure. You can flag one down on any road, making it simple to start your journey.

They’re the go-to choice because you can’t use pedicabs here due to the island’s layout.

After hopping off your tricycle or bike, get ready to explore top tourist spots like White Island Camiguin and Ardent Hot Springs.

Top Tourist Spots in Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get, but it’s all good. From the soft sands of White Island to the warm waters of Ardent Hot Springs, every spot has its own charm that pulls you in.

White Island Camiguin

White Island in Camiguin is a must-see for its stunning white sandbar. Just a short boat ride from Mambajao, this tiny island pops out of the blue sea. It’s made entirely of silky smooth sand.

You won’t find trees or houses here, just wide open space for sunbathing and swimming. The view around you is breathtaking – with the ocean on one side and mountains on the other.

Visitors love coming to White Island because it feels like stepping into a postcard. The sand feels soft under your feet, and the water is crystal clear. People take lots of photos here, capturing memories of their perfect day out in nature.

It’s not just about lounging though; it’s an ideal spot for making friends with local fish while snorkeling in shallow waters close by.

Ardent Hot Springs

Ardent Hot Springs are a must-visit if you’re exploring Camiguin Island. The waters here get their heat from Mount Hibok-Hibok, making them warm and inviting. Imagine dipping into these natural pools after a long day of adventures around the island; it’s pure bliss! This spot isn’t just about the warm baths though—it’s tucked in Mambajao, putting you close to other cool places like White Island and various cascades.

Now, picture this: It’s evening, stars start peeking out, and you’re lounging in crystal clear, geothermal waters at Ardent Hot Springs. With Mount Hibok-Hibok nearby and lush scenery all around, it feels like nature’s own spa.

Locals and travelers alike flock here for that soothing soak which is said to have health benefits too. So grab your swimsuit and make your way there—you won’t regret it!

Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan Falls is one of the top places you must see on Camiguin Island. This waterfall is really something special. It has water falling from about 230 feet high straight down into a very cool pool below.

The trees and plants around it are lush, making you feel like you’re in a hidden paradise.

You can take a swim in the clear green water at the bottom of Katibawasan Falls or just enjoy looking at this beautiful spot. People love to come here for picnics and to chill out away from the hot sun.

It’s not only the tallest waterfall on Camiguin but also a peaceful place where you can truly connect with nature.

Walkway to the Old Volcano

The Walkway to the Old Volcano sits in Barangay Bonbon, Catarman. It’s a short distance from the national highway, just a kilometer away. This path isn’t just any trail; it shows the stations of the cross.

People walk this way and see each step of Jesus’ journey on the cross. It’s like stepping back into history while enjoying nature.

This place draws visitors for more reasons than one. The view around is breathtaking, showing off Camiguin’s natural beauty at every turn. Plus, walking here feels special somehow—like you’re part of something bigger.

For those who visit Camiguin Island, making a stop here is a must-do to truly grasp what makes this island unforgettable.

Snorkel at the Sunken Cemetery

Sunken Cemetery Camiguin

Snorkel at the Sunken Cemetery and see something amazing. This place is not just any underwater spot. It used to be where people buried their loved ones long ago. Now, it’s underwater because of a volcano eruption many years back.

Sunken Cemetery Camiguin

What’s cool? The old tombstones are now part of an underwater world. Fish and giant clams call it home, making it a top spot for snorkeling.

You’ll find this dive site on many postcards from Camiguin Island since it’s famous for its beauty and story. Put on your snorkel gear and swim among history and nature mixed together in one stunning place!

Old Spanish Church Ruins

Old Spanish Church Ruins

The Old Spanish Church Ruins, or Guiob Church, are a must-see spot on Camiguin Island. These ruins date back to the 16th century and stood strong even after a volcanic eruption in 1871.

They were built with coral stones, showing off the Spanish colonial influence. This place is not just old rocks; it’s a National Cultural Treasure in Catarman.

Visiting here tells you stories of Mt. Vulcan that you won’t find in books. It’s like stepping back in time while walking among remains that have seen centuries pass by. So, grab your camera and get ready to capture something truly unique at this tourist destination before heading over to splash around at Bura Soda Water Swimming Pool.

Bura Soda Water Swimming Pool

Bura Soda Water Swimming Pool is a cool spot on Camiguin Island. It sits at the base of Mt Hibok-Hibok. What makes this pool special? It’s full of soda water that bubbles up from volcanic sources in Bura.

This means you get to swim in natural, fizzy water! Imagine popping open a soda can, but instead, it’s a whole swimming area waiting for you to jump in. This pool is unique because it’s the only one like it in the Philippines.

You might think swimming here is just like any other pool. But nope! The natural carbonation feels amazing on your skin and adds an extra layer of fun to your swim time. Plus, with its location being so close to a volcano, you’re also getting a little bit of adventure mixed into your dip.

So pack your swimsuit and get ready to enjoy something truly different at Bura Soda Water Swimming Pool – where nature surprises us with its own version of sparkling water right at our fingertips!

Sto Nino Cold Spring

Sto Nino Cold Spring

Sto Nino Cold Spring sits in the quiet town of Sagay, offering a refreshing escape with its cool and clear waters. This spot starts out hidden among Camiguin’s many attractions but stands out once you find it.

The water here comes from Mt. Mambajao, running through mineral-rich rocks before greeting you with its chilly hug. It’s perfect for beating the heat on a sunny day.

Visitors love the natural setting, surrounded by lush greenery that seems to whisper stories of old. It’s one of those places where you can kick back, relax, and let nature do its thing.

So if you’re looking for a chill place to unwind and maybe skip the heat for awhile, Sto Nino Cold Spring is waiting. Next up, why not soar above trees? Let’s talk about zipping across Taguines Lagoon!

Zip Line at Taguines Lagoon

After cooling off at the Sto Nino Cold Spring, get ready for some thrill over at Taguines Lagoon. This spot isn’t just another pretty face in Camiguin; it boasts an adventure that gets your heart racing.

Imagine zipping across the lagoon, about 45 minutes of pure joy, all for 250 pesos. The lagoon is not hard to find either. It sits in Mahinog, a quick ride from Benoni Port.

The lagoon has more than just zip lines. Picture eating fresh seafood while floating on water or staying overnight right there by the calm waters. It’s a place where excitement and relaxation meet—definitely a must-try when you’re exploring what Camiguin has to offer.

Tongatok Bay Viewpoint

Tongatok Bay Viewpoint is where you’ll catch some of the best views on Camiguin Island. Think big – a wide look at the ocean, surrounded by lush greenery. It’s high up, so you see everything from an amazing angle.

Tourists love this spot because it shows off the island’s coastline like no other place can. And yes, everyone takes tons of photos here.

Now, there’s this place called Tongatok Cliff Resort right by the bay. People say it’s top-notch for soaking in those views we just talked about. Sitting here, gazing out at the water and cliffs, feels like something out of a movie scene.

It’s peaceful but exciting at the same time because you’re seeing nature do its thing in full glory.

Tuasan Falls

Tuasan Falls is a must-see spot in Camiguin Island, found in Barangay Mainit, Catarman. This place stands out because it’s easy to get to and you don’t have to hike through the jungle to find it.

That’s right, just a simple walk from where you are and bam! You’re there. The falls drop cool water into two pools below, perfect for swimming. Plus, the whole area is surrounded by green trees that make everything look like a hidden paradise.

This waterfall isn’t just about the water; it’s also about not having to work too hard to enjoy nature’s beauty. Located 6 km northeast of Catarman, getting here is as easy as pie.

Imagine taking cool dips in fresh water while all around you is thick foliage that makes you feel miles away from civilization—even though you’re not. And let’s be honest—who wouldn’t want to splash around in natural pools with such an awesome view?

Hike Mt Hibok Hibok

Mt Hibo Hibok in Camiguin

Mt Hibok Hibok: Image Credit

To hike Mt. Hibok-Hibok, you need to say hello first at the DENR office in Mambajao. They give you a permit. This ticket is your green light to explore the mountain for 3-5 hours. Yes, it’s not too tall but don’t let that fool you.

The journey up this volcano packs charm and history in every step.

This climb is a favorite for many who visit Camiguin Island. It offers views that make your early wake-up call worth it. Picture crisp air, green paths, and at the top, a sight of the island that will stick with you long after you’ve come down.

So tie those laces tight and get ready for an adventure where each step tells a story of nature’s beauty and fury all wrapped into one.

Binangawan Falls

Binangawan Falls waits for you at the southern tip of Camiguin, hidden by a challenging mountain path. This trip calls for some tough walking, but trust me, it’s worth it. The falls splash down into a pool that looks like something from a dream – perfect for cooling off after your mini adventure getting there.

The way to Binangawan is steep and winding but brings out the explorer in everyone who takes it on. Your reward? A stunning cascade in a spot so peaceful, you might want to stay all day.

Grab your camera because this place is full of moments you’ll want to keep forever. And hey, while there’s no easy road here, the journey makes reaching these falls feel like finding treasure.

Additional Places to Consider in Camiguin Island

If you think Camiguin Island’s wonders stop at the usual spots, think again. There are more sights that don’t always make it to the main list – like secret gardens and hidden lagoons, ready for those who love a bit of adventure.

Mantigue Island

Mantigue Island

Mantigue Island is a small piece of paradise known for its stunning white sands and clear blue waters. It’s not just about lying on the beach though; there’s a whole underwater world waiting to be explored.

The island boasts a marine sanctuary that’s perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving, letting you meet colorful fish and perhaps even some sea turtles if you’re lucky. And if you prefer staying dry, take a walk along the short forest trail.

Here, you can enjoy the quiet whispers of nature as you stroll through lush greenery.

Next up is Katunggan Park…

Katunggan Park

Katunggan Park

Katunggan Park is special. It sits in Barangay Taguisa, part of Lebak, Sultan Kudarat. This place loves mangroves a lot. Mangroves grow here safely and they help the environment too.

People visit to see these trees and feel calm.

This park is not just trees and water. It’s a nursery for young mangrove plants. They start small here but grow big to protect our coasts. Visitors learn about nature and why we need to take care of it.

Plus, being around greenery makes everyone happier!

Soda Water Pool

Soda Water Pool

Camiguin Island hides a unique treasure, the Soda Water Swimming Pool. It’s a magic spot where water bubbles up from the earth, filled with natural soda from volcanic springs. This pool is the only one like it in all of the Philippines.

Picture yourself floating in water that feels slightly fizzy, like being inside a giant glass of soda! The cool thing? You can chill here for half a day and enjoy some tasty food too.

This place isn’t just about taking a dip in refreshing, bubbling water. It’s also about the experience around it—the kind you tell folks back home about because it’s so different.

Imagine lounging by the side, sipping something cold while soaking up Camiguin’s laid-back vibe. And hey, if you’re hungry after all that swimming and relaxing, there’s good grub to dig into as well.

So yeah, make sure to swing by this fizzy wonderland; it’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else on your travels through the Philippines.

Chan Lookout Point

After cooling off in the Soda Water Pool, make your way to Chan Lookout Point. This spot is a must-see for anyone visiting Camiguin island. It offers you a wide view of the island and its beautiful nature all around.

You can see trees, hills, and even parts of the ocean from up here.

People love this place because it lets them take amazing pictures. The whole area feels calm and peaceful, making it perfect for taking a moment to just enjoy where you are. Whether you’re here at sunrise or sunset, the view will take your breath away.

So don’t forget to bring your camera!

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon, or Taguines Lagoon as some call it, is Camiguin Island’s hidden gem. This spot is all about the natural beauty with crystal clear waters that invite you for a dip.

Think of it—no shops, no noise, just pure bliss and maybe a few fish saying hello. It’s the town’s secret spot where locals love to hang out.

Next up on our island adventure, we head over to find good eats at top restaurants in Camiguin Island.

Top Restaurants in Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island offers more than just stunning views and adventures; its eating spots are a must-try too. From Italian to Filipino dishes, these places will make your taste buds dance.

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita shines as the top Italian food place on Camiguin Island. They serve mouth-watering traditional Italian dishes and pizza that make everyone happy. You’ll find it in Mambajao, Philippines.

People love coming here for the tasty food, friendly staff, and cozy vibe.

This restaurant is a great spot to watch the sunset by the sea while enjoying amazing meals. It’s part of Chill’s Beach Camiguin. So, if you’re craving some authentic Italian pasta or want to bite into a delicious slice of pizza right by the beach, this is your go-to place.

J&A Fishpen

J&A Fishpen serves up some of the best seafood meals you can find in Camiguin. They catch their food right from their own water enclosures, so everything is super fresh. It’s not just about the food; this place sits near Tanguines Lagoon.

The view? Stunning clear blue waters and scenes that seem pulled from a postcard.

Ranked as one of the top 15 places to eat on Tripadvisor, it’s a must-visit for anyone who loves good seafood with a great view. Right after grabbing a bite here, why not check out what Guerrera Restaurant has to offer?

Guerrera Restaurant/Guerrera Rice Paddy Villas

Guerrera Restaurant and its Rice Paddy Villas stand out in Camiguin. They serve up amazing Thai, Vietnamese, and other Asian dishes. It’s not just the food that draws people in, though.

These villas sit right on the beach with killer views of White Island and Mount Hibok-Hibok. Imagine waking up to that!

Each villa has a big deck wrapping around it. From there, guests can soak in those stunning sights—White Island on one side, the volcano on the other. For travelers wanting something different and exciting, this place is a must-visit.

KURMA Freedive Camiguin Eco Lodge & Resto

KURMA Freedive Camiguin Eco Lodge & Resto sits pretty, offering views that could steal your heart. Right across from White Island sandbar, this place is a dream for folks looking to blend adventure with relaxation.

Think about it – you wake up to the ocean’s vastness and spend your evening watching the sun dip below the horizon. Not just a feast for your eyes, KURMA has gear for rent and classes if you wish to explore underwater without tanks.

Plus, they’re only a short drive from Mambajao Airport.

This lodge isn’t just another place to crash. They really want you to feel at home but without having to do any chores. Yoga sessions are on offer, making sure you’re relaxed enough to take in all that beauty around you.

Their focus on eco-friendly living means not just taking care of yourself but also our planet while having tons of fun freediving or simply soaking in those breathtaking views from their dining area where Filipino cuisine meets Italian flavor amid fusion creativity.

It’s an eat-pray-love kind of spot, minus the book deal!

Northern Lights Restaurant Balbagon

After enjoying the serene vibe at KURMA Freedive Camiguin Eco Lodge & Resto, your next stop should be the Northern Lights Restaurant in Balbagon. This place is all about good food that brings people together.

Since 2013, this spot has grown into a favorite among visitors and locals alike. They serve some of the best pizzas you’ll find on the island, along with homemade ice cream made from natural ingredients.

It’s not just food; it’s an experience.

Located in Mambajao, Camiguin, Northern Lights stands out for more than its tasty dishes. Guests love this place, leaving rave reviews on Tripadvisor and other platforms. Whether you’re here to explore Camiguin’s stunning attractions or simply looking for a cozy spot to eat, this restaurant won’t disappoint.

Their Italian cuisine has become quite famous around these parts, making it a must-visit for anyone craving pizza or something sweet like their all-natural ice cream.

Casa Roca Inn

From  Northern Lights Restaurant Balbagon,  we move to  Casa Roca Inn. It offers delicious French regional cuisine. Imagine living in a large, nature-inspired home while indulging in cuisine that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Casa Roca Inn is located at Baring, Naasag, on the Camiguin Circumferential Road. Easily accessible, for sure!  It’s not just about the cuisine, either. They also provide accommodations! Thus, this may be the place for you to rest after a long day of touring Camiguin Island.

A dream come true: delicious cuisine and comfortable beds all under one roof!

CheckPoint Camiguin

Want more European taste while on this beautiful island? Fancy Italian cuisine while at  CheckPoint Camiguin!

Some of the island’s greatest pizzas and other Italian cuisine can be found here. This place is great for more than simply eating; the laid-back atmosphere makes it a great place for both residents and tourists to hang out.

Everybody is made to feel welcome by the friendly staff

In addition to pizzas, they provide a range of dishes that provide this paradise in the tropics a taste of Italy. Consider salads, pastas, and even some regional cuisine prepared with an Italian touch. It’s like killing two birds with one stone: savoring delectable cuisine and taking in the relaxed island lifestyle.

You now know where to go if you’re missing those European delicacies the next time you’re on Camiguin Island!

Northern Lights Restaurant Agoho

Agoho’s Northern Lights Restaurant is well-known for its delicious pizza and in-house frozen dessert. It began operations in 2013 and has since expanded to four locations on Camiguin Island. This Agoho establishment has an extensive cuisine and an excellent upstairs dining room with a view of White Island.

For anyone seeking Italian food with a regional touch on this stunning island, it’s a must-visit.

Let’s now examine another location on Camiguin Island where you may savor delectable cuisine and breathtaking scenery.

Peninsular Kape Art

Now that you’ve indulged your senses with the delectable offerings of Northern Lights Restaurant Agoho, let’s chat about Peninsular Kape Art. When visiting Camiguin Island, foodies should not miss this little restaurant.

This restaurant, which is ranked #7 out of 25 places to eat in Mambajao, is well-known for its Spanish cuisine, which will make your taste buds dance. Located on Bug-Ong Street, this place has a cozy, friendly vibe that makes you feel like you’re visiting an old friend.

After dining there, patrons are raving about how delicious and attractive everything is. Reviews frequently comment on “nice visuals and even better flavors,” which indicates that the establishment wants only the best for the customers in terms of the quality of the entire gastronomic experience.

Whether you just want to indulge in great foodl or enjoy your time with great company, Peninsular Kape Art should definitely be on your go to restaurants while discovering all the beauty that Camiguin offers..

Paradiso Hillside restaurant

The Paradiso Hillside restaurant is located on a picturesque hillside on Camiguin Island, where guests may enjoy meals while taking in breathtaking views. They provide a variety of American, European, and Asian flavors.

Those who dine here adore it. They claim that the food is delicious and the setting is lovely.

Paradiso’s location, in addition to its excellent food, is what sets it apart. As you dine, expansive vistas of the outdoors are visible. This location appeals not only to foodies but also to anyone who want to be in a pleasant, relaxing ambience.

Transportation in Camiguin Island

It’s easy to go about Camiguin Island! You can ride along the major roads and highways or take a flight to one of the neighboring airports. This makes moving between fantastic locations a breeze.

Are you prepared to learn more?

Airports nearby

If you are traveling directly to Camiguin Island via plane, you should arrive at Camiguin Airport. Because it’s in Mambajao, it’s quite convenient and close to where your experience should begin. Here’s a pro tip, though: try Laguindingan Airport (CGY) if you can’t find a flight that goes directly to Camiguin.

It accomplishes the same goal despite not being as near. You can get to the island from there using a few interesting travel alternatives.

So perhaps CGY is where your journey begins. Not to worry! Traveling to Camiguin from CGY is an adventure in and of itself. 

You’ll board busses or ferries and travel across breathtaking scenery. Have your camera ready because this portion of the journey creates even more enjoyable memories before you reach the well-known locations, such as the buried cemetery on Camiguin Island and the remnants of an old church.

Main roads and highways

Camiguin’s main road, which hugs the coastline, makes getting around the island easier. You may see the water while traveling along this picturesque path. Here, you won’t get lost.

With the island’s simple layout plus the friendly locals,  you will find it a breeze to move around.

Next you are probably wondering what the weather in Camiguin is like. Get your happy feet ready!

How Is the Weather in Camiguin Island?

The year-round summertime weather on Camiguin Island is remarkable. It’s rainy a lot, which makes it warm and damp and verdant. Because of the rainforest atmosphere, heat and humidity are guaranteed every day.

Don’t let the rain deter you, though; it just enhances the island’s beauty.

It is simple to arrange a trip because the average temperature is relatively constant throughout the year. However, December through March should be avoided as it is when Camiguin has its monsoon season.

They complicate certain outdoor activities and bring more rain. However, there are plenty of reasons to visit at any season, such ascending Mount Hibok-Hibok or snorkeling at sunken cemeteries.

The Verdict? Camiguin is a Must-See!

We have now been to some of Camiguin’s most amazing locations—yes, settings that leave you saying “wow”! From chilly falls and warm springs to white sand beaches. Not to be overlooked are the mouthwatering lanzones fruit or the exhilaration of zip-lining over pristine lagoons.

This place has a lot to offer people who enjoy exploring.

Whether traveling by air or sea is really easy and once in Camiguin, tricycles and scooters are ready to let you explore all that Camiguin has to offer. Stay in comfortable locations throughout the island to get the ideal night’s sleep.

Every spot has its allure – from sunken cemeteries to historic Spanish ruins with their own tales to tell. When you get hungry from all the exploring, restaurants with local and international specialties abound.

Now is as good a time as any. Pack your bags… Who knows what stories await you in Camiguin? Check out our Camiguin Tour Package and start dreaming of this fun-filled adventure!


1. What is special about Camiguin Island?

Oh, where should I begin? Imagine a location where you may enjoy a morning trek up Mount Hibok Hibok, a midday snack at Mantigue Island, and a sunset stroll around the Sunken Cemetery. It’s as if nature decided to take center stage and crammed all these incredible locations onto one island. In addition, there are those ancient church ruins that resemble something from a movie, which is great whether you’re interested in history or just appreciate cool old stuff.

2. What culinary experience will I have in Camiguin?

Indeed! Think again if you assumed this island was solely home to picturesque scenery and interesting historical monuments. From eateries that serve real Vietnamese food that will take your taste buds on a culinary journey to pizzerias that will make you feel as though you’ve entered Italy… Not to mention the Spanish food, which transforms any meal into a festival. To be honest, choosing what to eat may be the hardest choice you have to make here.

3. What unique activities are there in Camiguin?

Unique is an understatement! Ever been to a sunken cemetery? Yeah, didn’t think so… This place lets you snorkel or dive around a cemetery submerged underwater – it’s eerie yet beautiful in its own way. Then there’s hiking Mount Hibok Hibok – not your everyday walk in the park but totally worth it for those views.

4. How easy is it to travel around Camiguin?

Picture this: You’ve landed with your bags (hopefully not too many because who needs baggage when exploring?), ready for adventure… Getting around is a breeze! Whether it’s hopping on local transport or renting something for yourself – navigating from Mantigue Island all the way to those chocolate hills-like landscapes becomes part of the fun!

5. Are there any tips for first-time visitors?

First off – welcome aboard! Here’s some insider advice: pack light (seriously), always have cash handy because not everywhere takes cards; try everything once whether it’s food from that Italian restaurant everyone raves about or venturing out to Siquijor and Surigao if time allows; and lastly, don’t rush – soak in every moment because places like Butuan are filled with hidden gems waiting for you.